New Era Speafishing

When we heard that there was a fun and sustainable alternative to the standard spearfishing competition format we knew we had to get behind it.

Currently the main spearfishing competition format allows the competitors to target a huge range of species, with competitors often shooting fish they wouldn't normally shoot or eat. The New Era spearfishing competition still allows the competitors to spear a few of the really taste species with the rest of the species list having to be caught on camera ( something that can be even more challenging than spearing a fish).

When we heard that the New Era competition would be running alongside this years Mercury Bay Open Spearfishing Competition we didn't hesitate to offer our support and offer to chuck a whole heap of shirts up as prizes.

Final result of the Photo Spearing event were: 1st place Darren and Gemma Shields 19 species photographed, 2x snapper speared ,2nd Mazdak 14 species photographed, one cray caught, 3rd Ali and Logan 9 species photographed, nothing speared or caught.

Stay Wet - Wetkiwi Team.