About Us

If Wetkiwi was a beach it'd probably be a rough west coast beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was on one of these beaches after a day's diving, that Wetkiwi founder Andy MacDonald came up with the idea to create the first kiwi design brand just for people who love being in, on or under the water in New Zealand.

Luckily for Andy and Wetkiwi he entered the idea into the AUT Venture Fund. After impressing the judges with his tales of huge sharks, big waves and mermaids he secured the backing he needed to start his cheeky little kiwi design brand. Teaming up with Will one of his marketing lecturers at AUT the Wetkiwi team began to form. With the addition of several passionate local artists Wetkiwi was able to start making shirts.

That was in 2009, today the Wetkiwi team is slightly larger but still absolutely passionate about clothing, being cheeky and of course spending time in the water. Because we're so passionate about being in the water we've aligned ourselves with some really cool local charities and events, including Forest and Bird, Sustainable Coastlines, South Island Spearfishing Champs and the NZ Free Diving Champs. We're also committed to doing what we can for the environment and released an organic tee range, as well as using 100% recyclable eco packs to send our shirts in.

Our goal is to make New Zealand the coolest country when it comes to being in the water. Share the passion and join us.